This series of articles were mostly written for various university classes. They are provided here for your interest and reference (please give credit using a link if you use them as a reference).

By forgetting to look at the big picture and integrate all of these ideas, we risk making decisions that only solve one or two problems at a time. Instead, this set of proposals comes together to unify the TTC and GO transit systems, and connect many places that were previously disconnected.

Original research into the effects of green plantings on urban streets show that street trees are greatly appreciated by pedestrians, with a moderate level of greenery preferred by most.

From commuter rail to urban freeways, mass transport is the lifeblood of our cities.

A guide for creating a plan for the future that can be understood both by the public and civic officials.

A windswept central square in the University of Waterloo redesigned as a vibrant gathering place.