Award Winning Design for Seaton

December 12th, 2010, by Jeremy Krygsman

In October, I participated in a great urban design competition with team Urban Marvel: Ryan Felix, Matt Perotto, Graeme Ruck, and myself, Jeremy Krygsman. Through, hard work, dedication, unique ideas, and a great presentation, we received the first place award in the competition.

The City Of Pickering is a rapidly growing metropolitan region on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Throughout the years,suburban growth has created unsustainable development, deteriorating livability, creating traffic problems, and damaging the environment. Our vision is to transform the town of Seaton into a sustainable, mixed used, urban village, integrating parks, institutions, and open spaces. This will expand the City Of Pickering’s capacity for urban living, employment and recreation.

Our Seaton Vision will achieve sustainability by creating a town that is centred on a compact urban area of mixed uses and exciting activity. Upon completion, our proposed development will support 16,000 jobs and 10,000 residents while consuming only 50% of available land.

Public spaces are designed to meld seamlessly with private spaces to facilitate social networking, civic engagement and physical activity. Building heights of three to 12 storeys will create urban ambiance. Street frontages are active and permeable, facilitating commerce and social activity with tree-lined streets that will encourage walking, bicycling, and transit use. The transportation system will connect people using multi-modal transportation to the rest of the Seaton development and the Greater Toronto Area.

Industrial and employment lands for green technology will be integrated into the urban fabric, always within walking distance of a transit corridor, shops, and restaurants. Large agricultural lands are preserved to protect precious farmland, and conserve native plants, wildlife habitat, and wetlands.

The town’s compact form is rooted in the surrounding environment, and strongly woven together with a densely walkable street network. Without this solid foundation in design, any additional sustainable technology would be an illusion.

Site drainage will use existing stream systems to clean water and slow runoff within natural environments. These forested areas will also clean the air, provide recreation spaces, and preserve animal habitats.

Pedestrian walkways complete the grid in some areas to create direct, accessible routes, complemented by an extensive, interconnected park and open space system.

Urban Marvel’s goal for the Seaton community is to create a place that sets the precedent for new development in Ontario.

Team Urban Marvel: Ryan Felix, Matt Perotto, Graeme Ruck, and Jeremy Krygsman

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  1. Glenn Scheels

    Jeremy, this is a great piece of work. congratulations, well deserved.

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  3. Shari

    Great job. I have Some suggestions, it is for your referance only. Thank you.

    1. How to create the community identity?(my suggestion:
    from social thought: increase (1)Residents’ self-consciousness(2)Resident self-regulated.(3)Community self-determined(4)Evironment self-Identity
    2. May be the preserved agriculture land can be connected with the school, increase the educational purposes.
    3.Apply green building standares, create different design style for identity.
    4. the commercial district, town center and large retail area should not be separate, a boulevard can reduce the impace.

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