Streetscapes and Walkability

October 28th, 2010, by Jeremy Krygsman

What is the relationship between green plants and the desirability of an urban street? Are street trees appreciated or disliked by pedestrians? This original research was conducted at the University of Waterloo by Larysa Dubicki, Jeremy Krygsman, Sarah Martin, Julia Muller, and Andrea Santi. It was completed July 28, 2010.

For this research, I created a series of animated 3D visualizations of a typical urban street, with varying levels of greenery, which you can view below. The team then surveyed participants to find out what they felt about each scene.

The Four Scenes ranged from no greenery, to a street filled with large leafy trees and flowers. Below is a summary of the daytime views only, but you can view all of the walkability visualizations online.

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This is an extensive research paper, but if you are looking for the interesting parts, feel free to jump to the comments from survey participants at the end of the results on page 5, and the conclusions and recommendations on page 7.

Table of Contents

pg 2 | Introduction to the Research
pg 3 | Literature Review
pg 4 | Research Methods
pg 5 | Results
pg 6 | Discussion
pg 7 | Conclusions and Recommendations
pg 8 | References

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