Grimsby Community Improvement Plan

August 10th, 2010, by Jeremy Krygsman

Grimsby is a small town of about 25,000 people on the green side of Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe, situated across Lake Ontario on the Niagara Peninsula. It is within one of the province’s richest agricultural areas for grapes (wine), peaches, and other fruit of all kinds (fresh Ontario strawberries, by the way, are the best). I worked with planning consultant GSP Group on a Community Improvement Plan, where I developed several renderings and maps for presentations and reports.

Up for improvement was a large area in the town centre, including several different districts and land use types, summarized in a series of maps similar to the one shown below.

Main-Elm Realignment

One major issue was a badly aligned intersection in the middle of the downtown area, which we wanted to address while providing space for a new public square.

3D Renderings

Coronation Park

Redevelopment Examples

Facade Improvements

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  1. Sam V

    hey Jeremy

    I found you on

    I am also at the University of Waterloo in City Planning but a year behind you (I am starting 3A in September) and I was parousing your blog. I really like your design techniques and the work you did on Belmont. I did 210 in the winter and particularly remember your design from the examples (I was team six too!! LOL)

    This project, is it for one of the design classes? It looks great!!

    I also saw your subway station design. It looks very modern and would give Troonto’s downtown a great makeover.

    Anyway, I am going to pay closer attention to your blog! It’s great to see the ideas of fellow planners in print!



  2. Stefany Panfilov

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